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Services We Provide

Floor Sawing

Our floor saws are petrol operated, self propelled machines which have a maximum cutting depth of 300mm using a diamond tip blade. These machines are used to cut horizontal surfaces in residential and commercial sites. Please contact us with your requirements and our experienced operators can give you a free quote.

Hand Sawing

Petrol powered handsaws are used for all hand sawing work up to the depth of 300mm. These are used in areas such as doorways or windows or in any other area in which a floor saw would be impractical.

Hydraulic Cutting

All our internal cutting is now done using our new hydraulic power saw range. There is no longer any harmful carbon monoxide fumes as this equipment is generated by a power pack source. All cutting can be done up to 200mm deep both horizontally and vertically, floors and walls.

Core Drilling

To achieve precise, circular holes core drilling is required. Our drilling equipment can make easy work of holes through concrete foundations, brick work, precast concrete and block work. Power source is electric but we also have a generator for hireage should this be required.

Grinding and Polishing

When you want to achieve a polished finish on concrete we will use a diamond grinding machine. This can be used on floors, stairs, bench tops or any concrete service. Whether it be a pre-paint grind on concrete or to a polished finish our grinding machines can achieve this.

Acid washing, grouting and sealing

To finish any area that has been decorative cut or has had grinding done. The colour of the grout and seal will be carefully chosen with advice from our experienced staff to help you to achieve exactly what you want.

Slurry Control

We aim at protecting our environment. Our slurry control is specially designed to avoid contaminating our waterways. Wet Vacuums are carried in each vehicle and a slurry truck can also be hired should this be required. Contact us for a hire quote.

Site Safe

Our company is very aware of the health and safety risks for staff and clients on jobs. Due to this all our staff abide by and are members of Site Safe.